Let’s remove the stress and friction from contact center calls.

With a voice assisted rich visual experience, Pulse Serve nudges customers towards self service on a comfortable channel.

The future of Customer Service is here - and its Pulse Serve!

When Carnival ISP, the fastest growing ISP in Bangladesh, bolstered its user base 3X YoY, Pulse Serve’s Visual IVR reduced 27% of the inbound load from its contact center agents.

Turn your CS into CX.

Pulse Serve is a Visual IVR platform that guides inbound callers to a web-based, voice plus visually aided support experience – personalizing and speeding the journey for customers in queue. Pulse Serve is perfect for your business if:

Your call abandonments are embarrassingly high.

With Pulse Serve, you can expect reduced call abandonment by over 60%.

Your handling time is going through the roof.

Automate your inbound channel and let your team handle only the problems people should solve.

Your budget for inbound growth are shrinking.

Run a 24/7 self serve center at a fraction of typical expansion costs.

Customers rate bad for waiting too long.

Drastically reduce your call waiting times to just a few seconds.

You hate CAPEX and long adoption cycles.

Pulse Serve requires no upfront costs and can be up and running within 90 days.

You want full visibility into what’s going on.

Gain deep customer insight with advanced analytics and a smart dashboard.