Simplify referrals and incentivize customers to skyrocket sales.

People trust recommendations from friends. With Pulse Grow, your referral program runs itself.

3 case studies to get started referral marketing in 2021.

Lattu, a digital-first social social-selling platform harnessed Pulse Grow’s Referral Platform to onboard over 200 merchants registering 15000 growth agents. The program saw a 5X growth in transactions in six months.

An underrated marketing strategy - powerful with the right technology in place!

Most satisfied customers want to refer but simply forget to refer. This is where Pulse Grow comes in. Amplify your marketing with word of mouth.

It’s a win-win-win, yet overlooked

Most businesses just assume referrals will happen organically, and skip out on having a technology driven referral program in place.

Referrals drive 5x more sales than paid traffic does

Instead of targeting cold leads, referral marketing allows you to bring in ideal customers.

Referred customers spend more, and refer more

Because of their close relationship with the referrer, the chance of acting on the offer is much higher.

Referred leads convert better, have higher LTV

The life time value (LTV) of a referral customer is 16% higher than a regular customer.

Plan, execute, and track your referrals

With Pulse Grow, you no longer need to use different analytics tools to analyze your customers and their behavior.

Referrals costs a fraction of your typical ad spend

Advertising isn’t cheap, it often is hard to get the results is a short amount of time. Referrals are the answer