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Carry our platforms within your industry and/or region and gain distributor rights with open APIs and technical training modules for sales reps. Pulse Automation Consultants are here to help you with setting up the model and will bring in international best practices and proven success models.


Connect our platforms to your customer base on top of all legacy or new age systems. Use our automation engines, and user friendly customer journeys to bring a new level of experience to your long standing clients.


We understand that product market fit is important for any industry and country. Our automation consultants will open our strengths to your in-house experts and co-create to deliver benchmark beating solutions for your customers needs.

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Pulse is an umbrella brand for a suite of omnichannel solutions which help a company reach their customers, engage with them effectively, go beyond average standards to serve them, and help them grow with marketing platforms.

Pulse was born from an understanding of over 20 years of how companies communicate with customers. Our Enterprise Partners are ones who explore markets others dare not enter, and have come out with winning solutions.

But at the end of the day, we are a technology enabling provider, and empower our partners to identify opportunities where we can add value to Enterprises. We are firm believers in co-creation and obsess over how to solve problems for Enterprises.

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