Up to 85% of customers prefer mobile-based Visual IVRs for service enquiries.

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Visual IVR systems
can achieve up to 70% containment rate

Resolve more calls through Visual IVR without agent assistance

  • What is Visual IVR?
    Visual IVR is a support platform that guides inbound callers to a web-based voice plus visual aided support experience – personalizing the support journey for customers already on their way to the queue. This technology seamlessly connects customers to visually aided self-service options and/or a support resource that can solve their problem/inquiry at first contact.
  • Why is it relevant to your business?
    Despite investments in a website and/or mobile app, more than 70% of your customers are still utilizing the phone channel for assistance. Around 60% of customers will first attempt self-service and approx. only half are successful. The ones that are not successful at self-service end up at your contact center / live agents interaction.
    Visual IVR is a much easier journey for those customers – coming to you by phone – to seamlessly transition (while still on the phone) to a web-based support experience designed to address the specific needs of the caller.



    Users communicate through inbound, outbound dialer or SMS and receive a ViVR link

  • Click

    Clicking the link in SMS will lead to an audio-visual assisted support service

  • enjoy

    Users enjoy different offers and services and can talk to agents if required

How Pulse powers your business

  • Customer Service

    Provide a convenient, guided Visual IVR experience to your customers with structured menus, rich media and easy navigation options.

  • Sales & Marketing

    Close sales or upgrades quicker by providing the right visual cues and contextual information to aide decision making.

  • Credit & Collection

    Provide customers greater security on phone transactions by offering visual security verification methods.

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Up to67% of the global population
own and use smartphones daily.

Give your customers an enhanced IVR experience by using the tools that they already have

Ways to launch a Visual IVR interaction

  • 1-800 Number

    Customers dialing your service hotline are provided the option to launch a digital interaction, on-demand and without needing to hang up

  • From the Web

    On the contact us webpage or strategically placed at other areas of your website, customers can contextually launch a Visual IVR interaction

  • From the Mobile App

    Add support capabilities to your mobile app that extend far beyond what is available today rounding out the self-service story of the app

  • Text (SMS) to Initiate

    A Visual IVR interaction can be initiated from a text message received in your inbox. This capability is good to use for promotions (text DEAL to 75546)

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Integrate with your
current IVR system

Improves the
routing experience

Resolve more calls
through IVR

Collect more
customer information

Access it directly without
additional software

Speedy & customized

Supporting Industries.

Each industry has its own unique customer service methodology. At Pulse, we understand that need and have designed our solution as a best-fit mechanism to streamline and optimize your customer engagement methodology.


Increase call center efficiency and manage the volume of inbound calls without resorting to recorded calls. Offer your customers easy access to commonly requested services, and use contextual data to drive ARPU and LTV by offering relevant service upgrades and improved customer experience.


Replace traditional audio menus with easy-to-navigate visual menus to help drive subscriptions, receive service requests and answer frequently asked questions. PULSE can also be customized to receive payments directly on the call without involving a call agent.

Banking &

Offer greater peace of mind to your customers by providing visual security verification methods, and immediate access to emergency service requests. At the same time, ViVR provides a higher level of privacy for sensitive information requests without involving a call agent.


Book a rental, make a service booking, or browse a catalogue directly from your mobile through the Pulse ViVR setup. PULSE can also be set up to provide auxillary services like breakdown rescue requests and much more.

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